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12.12.17 02:20
dennis, 29, belgium
i am a disabled person (no work), i survived cancer twice (will give the short info as else it would become alot of text but if people want i can give the all the info). 1st one was testical cancer between stage 3/4 spread out everywhere between my testical and my lungs, 2nd cancer was/is bonecancer in my hip, that is now a "sleep" or a ticking timebomb. This is ofc a big part of my life and a every day battle to keep motivated, enjoying life as long as i can. My hobbies are ofcouse gaming (one of the few things i can do without giving myself more pain), watching movies/sport.

I see my cancer as a good thing: it made me mentally strong and showed me what i can achieve if i put my mind to it, this is something i also bring in other stuff like gaming.

Feral druid and working on off spec balance (945 and 72 traits there).
I really like my feral druid because it is more then just a dpser, i can help the group i play with (stampeding roar, combat ress, stun/typhoon, short interrupt, ...)

I don't mind going balance for certain fights if that is the best, don't think i could play it all the time. I like melee to much.

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/shattered-hand/vazrok (it doesn't seem to have updated for the last days .
The exiled , a heroic raiding guilding.

normally i am a very loyal player and don't like leaving my guild but they decided to stop raiding. So it is time for me to move on.

I was already considering leaving a few weeks because i felt i "outgrew" them and wanted more then what they could "give".

I started raiding on an alliance server called bronzebeard but then i got sick and stopped till the start of legion (during the break i also moved to horde).

legion raiding:
Cleared everything normal/heroic. (i cleared most of them on other toons : vinitar and mimfoe (enhancement shaman and sub rogue)

In tomb of sargeras i didn't raid that much, i had some RL issues and wasn't able to log much in the evening.

At the moment i am 8/11 heroic but that is just in pug groups (not the best/easiest way to make progress.
I don't know anyone. i noticed Cincinnati zoo during TOS where i often saw recruiting messages in chat (always made me laugh)
Because i want more then just heroic farming and go mythic but still have the feeling i am in a casual guild (the fun) , also the guild seems to have active members on no raid times (just like me).
standard UI with some weak auras/classtimer
I might have less experience but just asking for a shot so i can show i am good enough for mythic raiding.

My connection is 80-85ms/s

I play on a laptop because i sit in bed to game (can't sit long on chair without hurting my hip area)

my laptop : MSI QE72VR6RF Apache pro
Devil is scared of me, only reason he didn't took me with him ... afraid i am taking his throne to rule over Hell (no joke but fact!!)


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