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10.03.18 09:30
24 years old viking. Usually spend my time at the gym or at the PC. I laugh a lot, not easily offended and not ashamed to play BM.
I'm generally quite easy going and like to play in groups with people. I'm probably a bit shy at first, but it usually passes after a few raids ^_^

Bad sides.. I eat too much chocolate. Wait, that's not bad.
BM hunter

I like the spec because pets... No really though I actually like the cooldown and focus management of BM. I have tried MM and it's fun but I seem to enjoy BM more.

Usually keep myself updated through hunter friends, Discord and Azortharion.
Wouldn't mind going MM if you want me to. Surv? You don't want surv.
tbc-wotlk: - Dragonblight, very casual raiding. I was pretty young at the time so I mostly did normal raids whenever I could.

Didn't play cata and mop.

WoD and a bit of Legion: -Emerald Dream, raiding all mythic tiers with this guild. Cleared hfc and EN.
Had a break from the game in NH.

Came back in December because Blizzcon made me want to play again. Omen raiding 3 days per week which I don't have time for anymore.

Joined -Stormreaver, current guild. Raiding Antorus with them, GM and officers are quitting the game so it's falling apart.
A few normal raids in tbc and wotlk, was pretty young back then.

Progress before next tier:
WoD: 4/7M HM, 9/10M brf, 13/13M hfc.
Legion: Started Legion on my monk (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/emerald-dream/milleh)
Did 7/7M HM (missed out on kills on tree and Cenarius, was there for progress), 1/3M ToV, 3/10M NH.
Current 8/11M in Antorus with .
Same progress as I'm on, 2 raid days per week and the days fit me perfectly. Guild seems fun and you ask applicants to show off their dark humour in the app lol
If I know what I'm doing... I'm BM luuuuuuul

But yeah, stable connection and overkill PC.
A joke? Dallas Fuel in the OWL.


Milly Milly Milly can't you see

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me

And I just love your flashy ways

Now get your ass over here, welcome to the family, you're in!


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