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Marcus Bergenholtz
22.03.17 03:40
The mailman from all the porno movies ? :D
Frost DK 54 trait , blood 36 trait , Unholy 35 trait

So guess it talks for itself that i main frost and me like dps tho played all kind of specs and classes from vanilla to legion
The rising since i came to SH, had to come here to carry my fellow friends

Vanilla - was a young boy so didn't raid that much :D

TBC -up to BT

Wotlk - all bosses HC

Cata - All bosses, most HC

MoP - All bosses myhtic ( not last 4 SoO)

Draenor - Just HC all bosses,

Legion - 3/10M Nh
Dankadin, shufflin, nivvo etc
I know you want me ;) so why not?
Standard with WA and Skada more or less :D
yes yes yes
if had i pic of sufflins sis i would posted it here :)


Hey Ohdin!

After popular demand from other officers and yourself I decided to grace you with a reply, I can already see that the Guild Master made a pretty significant contribution in terms of application feedback, so i'm going to strive to be slightly more on-point and try to not mention the following:

1) pornos.
2) free sex,
3) blowjobs

So a few of the things you wrote in your application actually answered what was asked and a few, like other applications here, feel very rushed. I like your elaboration on your raiding experience; that, coupled with having played with you before in M+ and some Nighthold Heroic I know you are a very solid player who has a decent knowledge of mechanics. I like not only your yes, but the repeated use of it 3 times makes it seem like you are very keen so i'll take your enthusiasm as a big +.

We all want a picture of that certain somebodys sister but failing that, please link one or two pictures of dank memes so we have an idea of what makes you LOL and ROTFLMAO kthx. Just have a look at the other questions and try to elaborate on them, like I wrote in Roehns application the Officer team in the Zoo know you can play, but this is mainly so the rest of the guild can get to know you!

Officer Løv,

Ps. I would want to be the castingcouch in the pornos, eZ game eZ life

I want to be the guy recording the pornos, free sex + blowjobs

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