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23 April

Recruiting now for Legion and BFA

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Looking for a dank guild with loads of active people?

Then look no further... we do raids, mythic+, PVP - you name it, we do it... no matter how stupid :P

Apply now and become part of the Zoo!!!

11 October

Discord Chat is now working

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Added the Discord Chat to the website, so even if you dont have your phone with u, or u are on a computer without ur discord... u can login and check out what is written, or let us know if u are sick or whatever...

Removed the Forums completely and the "Forums link" now goes directly to the Discord Chat, since lets be honest we only use this anyway now :P

05 September

5 out of 9 baby!!!!

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well we are slowly but steadily climbing down the tomb...

"steadyy, steadyy"

good job all...

09 August

3 bosses down after a late start into Mythic

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Well done bois and girls.

After our late start into mythic when our glorious raid and guildleader finally got back from whatever he was doing we got the first 3 bosses down and are ready to face the next challenges to come in the Tomb of Sargeras.

24 July

Welcome to the Jungle, traveller!

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Who are the Cincinnati Zoo of Shattered Hand EU?

Although we're primarly a raiding guild, community spirit and the guild enviroment are very important to us. Alot of time is spent on our voice comms (discord). For us you are more than just a number on skada. If you apply to us and become a full member of our team, we want to see those qualities in you, too. Raid tiers get cleared, bosses are downed and items are won and lost over the years, what stays are the people of our community. As our Guildmaster would say: Kill the boss before he kills us.
In Cincinnati Zoo we suffer from the dank-meyme syndrome with sometimes to much danks and kappas. Sometimes we get warnings and sometimes we don't find ourselves surprisingly removed from the guild after a couple of last chances... No but really, we all have the dank-meme syndrome.
Our goal is to finish the mythic content before the next big raid pops out, get the cutting edges and scream random weird stuff on discord.

We have 2 mandatory orgie raids a week, Monday and Wednesday 19.30-22.30.
We also run loads and loads of mythic+ and alt raids so you will never be bored of playing with us.
We are currently open for all classes and specs, we are looking for the exceptional player, not the guy with all the gear. Past raiding experience could be advantage. Most of our raiders are old hardcore raiders that are now turnt into semi casual (whatever that means) raiders.

To get this orgie started please contact one of our officers on bnet:

We do not discriminate! Hot-Nan; Ugly-Nan; Your-Nan; Nan-bread are all welcome!

09 March

Cincinnati Zoo

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Cincinnati Zoo was formed by a few friends who has been playing WoW for many years individually and a few years together. In Legion we have decided to be a little more adventurous so we banded together and made our own guild!

We are aiming to clear all the mythic content in Legion to the best of our ability.
Wednesday 20:30 to 23:30; Sunday 19:00 to 23:00 are our raiding schedule.
We also run all-sorts of alt/drunk/dank raids during the weekends to clear easier content that we are not progressing on.

Because we don't want our two times raiding schedule to hold us back from exploring all the contents the game has to offer, we are only looking for exceptional players that are able to maintain a solid attendance and good performance.

However the casual dank memers are more than welcome to join the glorious social rank Yapper!

We are a guild with all kinds of people from around the world, you can always find that special someone to talk to -
Whether it's about gym, tan and laundry,
Or intergalactic discovery,
18th century poetry,
Or mom's spaghetti.

So in other words we are an drank maim sponsored by last chances, if your memes are to dank or your kappas are lit enough then you should consider CINCINNATI ZOO!

Yours Harambe

02 March

Welcome to the new Home of the Zoo!

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… well.. here is the new website of Cincinnati Zoo.

  • no more ads
  • we can add whatever the guild needs to it
  • the site already has an instant invite button to our discord server
  • mobile view is optimized for any smartphone you might have

what can you expect?

  • Drank memes
  • Dank memes
  • A Discord chat (as soon as I find time to add it :P)
  • integrated wowprogress

Hope you guys like it…

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